Discretionary Investment for a '1% all in management fee'

The 2014 George Osborne budget was described as being a 'budget for savers', after he announced new measures to help savers at all stages of their lives and give people greater freedom over how they could access their pension savings.

Information on the 'New ISA' (NISA) from 1st July with a significantly higher annual limit of £15,000 and cutting savings tax were announced, along with the raised limits for Junior ISAs and Child Trust Funds to £4,000.

At James Brearley & Sons we specialise in working with clients looking to grow funds for capital or those looking for income and can provide a full discretionary investment management service for clients with an initial investment of £50,000 or more.

A key element in the management of any portfolio can be charges, so in addition to negotiated discounts from Fund Managers, we also offer a '1% all in management fee' where no dealing commissions or transaction charges are payable. This enables us to completely rebalance portfolio with no dealing costs when a client's attitude to risk or their investment aims change. 

If you would like to discuss your current portfolio or receive more information on NISA savings we would be happy to meet with you. In the first instance please email  services@jbrearley.co.uk  or contact your existing regional office.

The information given is based on our understanding of the tax rules. The tax rules may change in future. James Brearley & Sons is not a specialist tax adviser.


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