Administrator & Custodian of iDAD Structured Products

iDAD Online Application Facility

The iDAD Online Application Facility is supported by the Plan’s Administrator & Custodian, James Brearley. If you have any queries or issues using this facility, please contact their support desk on 01253 831165.

Investor Application Form

Please click on the button below to commence the completion of your client’s application form for one of the currently available, iDAD Structured Products. You will need to make sure that you have all the relevant investor information to populate the form (including your client’s name & address, email address, bank details and National Insurance No.).

Once you have populated the form and signed the Professional Adviser Declaration, you will be prompted to provide your client’s email address so that they can be sent a link to allow them to sign the Investor Declaration. Once they have done this, both you and your client will automatically be sent a pdf copy of the completed Plan Application Form for your records.

We would then ask that you consider how the indicative investment into the Plan is going to be funded and whether or not you need to arrange for your client to complete an ISA Transfer Authority.

For all other applications please click here –