Administrator & Custodian of Mariana Structured Products

Mariana Online Application Facility

The Mariana Online Application Facility is supported by our Administrator & Custodian, James Brearley and so if you have any queries or issues in the use of this facility, please contact their support desk on 01253 831165.
Thank you for forwarding your completed application for a Mariana Structured Product Plan to your client. Once your client has signed and submitted the application, a copy of the final form will automatically be sent to both you and your client.

James Brearley will in turn issue their standard acknowledgement e-mail once your client funds have been received.

We would ask that you now encourage your client to forward any funds to our administrator’s central bank account, as detailed in the application form quoting the relevant payment reference.

ISA Transfer Authority.
Where your client’s investment is going to be either partially or fully funded by the transfer of one or more of their existing ISA arrangements, we would ask that you complete James Brearley’s ISA Transfer Authority, which can be obtained from the link below. We would ask that you arrange for your client to complete and sign an authority for each ISA they plan to transfer.

Additional Applicant.
Please click on the button below if you wish to add an additional applicant to a recently submitted application. You will be prompted to provide similar information, before the form is forwarded to the second applicant for their signature.