Nominee Service

We have a long history of securing, protecting and administering clients’ assets across a wide range of investments, reporting on them on a regular basis. This comes hand-in-hand with additional efficiencies in the transacting and settlement of your investment instructions

Our Nominee Service provides you with a secure and efficient facility in which to hold your investments.

How it works:

The advantages of using our Nominee Service are that, you will not receive any paperwork or certificates from a company registrar or fund administrator. We shall take care of that for you. However, we shall account to you for all dividends, interest payments and other entitlements accruing to you and write to you with any matter that requires your attention.

You will not receive Annual Reports and Accounts or shareholder benefits from a company in which you are invested, however, we may arrange for you to attend and vote at company meetings. Another advantage of our Nominee Service is that it allows us to settle all your transactions in a smooth and efficient way as we do not require any documentation from you.

Keeping you up to date with the progress of your portfolio:

Our online valuation service allows you to monitor the progress of your investments held in our nominee, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This facility also allows you to view an historical valuation of your portfolio as at the close of play on any business day. At the end of each calendar quarter we will provide you with a valuation of your assets held in the Nominee Service, to also include a statement of the cash account and transactions undertaken on the account.

Tax year end reporting:

Each April, we will provide you with a Tax Report. The Report includes a Consolidated Tax Certificate and Capital Gains Report where appropriate, which has the added advantage of assisting you with the completion of your tax returns. We will deliver this via our secure mail facility which may be accessed via our website. This is a medium by which we may convey documents to you in a secure and environmentally friendly way.

Investment management:

The administration of your assets is important and we take that responsibility very seriously. However, we also believe that portfolios benefit from active management particularly in today’s investment climate of fast moving events and volatile share price fluctuations. We believe that it is no longer the case that portfolios can simply manage themselves. You may therefore wish to consider our Investment Management Service.

Quick Enquiry

If you wish to speak to one of our experienced Central Administration Support Team about our Nominee Service, please contact us on the number below or fill in our quick contact form.

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