Cautious Investment Strategy


Investment Strategy : Cautious


The Cautious Investment Strategy is specifically designed for clients who specify a Medium Risk mandate but who place greater emphasis on income rather than long term capital growth. The portfolio will typically hold between 30% to 45% in lower risk investments and will not hold more than 15% in higher risk investments.

The portfolio is benchmarked against the MSCI WMA Private Investor Income Index.


Cumulative Total Return Performance

Return %
Return %
Return %
JB Cautious Portfolio* -0.29 11.92 36.15
MSCI PIMFA Private Investor
Income Index
-0.95 10.04 32.21
Cboe UK All Companies Index -13.60 -5.12 14.19
MCSI AC World Ex UK Index 5.84 27.08 77.64
Markit iBoxx Sterling Gilt
Overall Index
12.31 20.55 36.21

Discrete 1 Year Total Returns Performance

INDEX Jun 2020
Return %
Jun 2019
Return %
Jun 2018
Return %
Jun 2017
Return %
Jun 2016
Return %
JB Cautious Portfolio* -0.29 5.77 5.43 14.77 5.99
MSCI PIMFA Private Investor
Income Index
-0.95 4.64 6.61 11.45 7.81
Cboe UK All Companies Index -13.60 0.28 9.52 18.34 1.70
MCSI AC World Ex UK Index 5.84 10.17 10.01 22.74 16.06
Markit iBoxx Sterling Gilt
Overall Index
12.31 5.23 2.00 -0.96 14.09

Source: FE Analytics and ICE. All performance figures shown are Total Return. As at 30th June 2020.
*Source: James Brearley

Total return performance has been calculated up until December 2015 by assuming the receipt of a quarter of the projected income every 3 months with this being reinvested into two model positions at half yearly intervals. Since this point in time we have held the accumulation share class of a fund wherever possible, the projected income from the other positions being re-invested on a quarterly basis as part of a general re-balance exercise.

Any performance information shown represents model portfolios which are periodically restructured and/or rebalanced. Although the model portfolios are representative of a client’s individual portfolio, the actual returns may vary from the model portfolio returns shown. In addition, model portfolio performance quoted does not take into consideration the cost of investing and /or management fees. The returns achieved by a client may be lower than the returns shown above. Although the model portfolios are representative of a client’s individual portfolio the asset allocation of and the investments held in a client’s individual portfolio may differ.


Asset Allocation Summary (30/06/2020) (%)

  • Bonds
  • Property, Hedge & Other
  • UK Funds
  • Overseas Equity
  • Specialist & Multi-asset
  • Cash

Overall Risk Summary (30/06/2020) (%)

  • Lower Risk
  • Medium Risk
  • HIgher Risk


Top 10 Largest Holdings Weighting %
Fundsmith Equity 5.5
Blue Whale Growth 5.5
Vanguard Global Index Bond 5.0
L&G All Stock Index Linked Gilt Trust 4.5
Vanguard Funds PLC S&P 500 UCITS ETF 4.5
L&G All Stocks Index-Linked Gilt 4.0
Miton European Opportunities 4.0
RIT Capital 4.0
Trojan X 3.5
CFP SDL UK Buffettology 3.5
Total 44


Investing in stockmarket based investments may not be right for all investors. You should consider carefully and/or seek professional guidance before investing. Please remember that past performance should not be seen as a guide to future performance. The value of an investment and any income from it can fall as well as rise as a result of market and currency movements and you may not get back the amount you originally invested.